Yoga with Claudia

November 15th, 2017

As part of Happiness Week, the Eagles had a yoga session with local yoga teacher Claudia. The children learned how to breathe calmly and deeply, and learned several yoga poses- the cat, the dog, the snake and the bridge. The children played several games, and had to listen for the singing bowl, which was the signal to stop. Then everyone had to lie down and relax. Claudia placed sweets on everyone’s foreheads, and everyone had to keep really still so that they wouldn’t fall off! We finished the session by placing our hands together and saying ‘Namaste’ to each other.

The Aliens are coming!

November 8th, 2017

The Eagles have been exploring Space this week (not literally!).

On Monday, the whole school took part in a science afternoon, and the Eagles were asked how they could make a rocket fly. We made cones out of circular pieces of card and placed them on top of milk bottles. When we squeezed the bottles, the rockets flew up into the air!

On Tuesday we had a visit from the Explorer Dome. The Eagles loved being in the dark dome and found out all about the constellations in the sky. Ben and Josh from the Dome were really impressed at how well-behaved and knowledgeable our Eagles were. The children then chose to draw pictures of the constellations and talked about what they had learned- their work is on display in class, so please come and look!

The Year 1 children have been learning to write instructions, and they’ve read and followed instructions for making rockets and written instructions for making alien puppets. The Reception love to join in with what the older children are doing, so the class is full of lovely aliens!

These aliens live on the moon:

We’ve also been listening to stories about aliens, drawing and painting pictures of aliens, and writing stories to perform in our story squares:

Some of our children have even been making rockets at home to show and tell in class:




A Spooky Scavenger Hunt

October 31st, 2017

The Reception children are desperate to play in the garden at lunchtime, so over the past few weeks we have been learning about the importance of keeping safe in the garden. The Year 1 children have been demonstrating how to use the outdoor resources appropriately and safely, and have been explaining how and why it is important to listen carefully and to follow instructions at all times.

After we played a few games to reinforce listening skills, we decided to go on a spooky scavenger hunt.

Here are some of the things that we found:

This flower is the same colour as a pumpkin.

These twigs look like spooky skeleton fingers.

Can you see the spooky spider web?


Every wizard needs a magic wand.

Time for a ride on a witch’s broomstick…


We had great fun in the garden today, and now the younger children are ready to play with their older friends in the garden at lunchtime. Hooray!

Exploring 3D shapes

October 19th, 2017

This week we’ve been learning about 3D shapes.

We started by going on a 3D shape hunt around class. Here are some of the 3D shapes that we found:

The children have had lots of opportunities to explore the properties of 3D shapes through their play. Lots of the children have been building towers using 3D shapes. We discovered that we couldn’t use spheres in our towers as they kept rolling off. We also discovered that it’s very tricky to place something on top of the point of a cone!

The children love to build models using Polydron, and we challenged them to see how many different 3D shapes we could make. We discovered that we couldn’t we make spheres, cones and cylinders using Polydron. Why do you think this is?

The Year 1s also investigated the properties of 3D shapes through printing the faces of the shapes. Some of the Reception children were fascinated by what they were doing and then chose to do the same in their play.


Shapes, sticks and sprinting

October 12th, 2017

The Eagles have been exploring 2D shapes through  play all week. They’ve been going on shape hunts, making shape pictures, drawing shapes on the Smartboard and investigating different ways of making shapes using lolly sticks and art straws:

Super writing from our Reception children!

How many rectangles can you see?

What shapes can you make with sticks?

How many triangles can we make using six straws?

Developing our fine motor skills by cutting and sticking shape pictures.


During our Outdoor Learning session this week, the Year 1s showed the Reception children how to move the sticks around safely. Once they knew how to move them safely, lots of them decided to make shapes with the sticks:

How many squares can you see?


This week, the children also participated in the World 5000m day. The children walked up to the field with the rest of the school and then ran in a relay race with their friends from the Kestrels. They managed to run 5000m between them. Then everyone cheered on their friends in Key Stage 2.



Lots of counting and lots of writing- all through play!

October 5th, 2017

Every morning we count how many children are having school dinners. The Year 1 children have been modelling how to keep a tally on the board for the last couple of weeks, and now the Reception children have just started to take it in turns to have a go. They keep a tally for each of the choices (when the number reaches five, we put a line through it) , and then count up the total. They use the number line on the wall to help them write the correct number:

We’ve also been very busy at having a go at writing in class too. If somebody builds something in the outdoor area that they would like to play with later in the day, we encourage them to make a sign so that their friends know not to tidy it away at tidy up time. At the moment, the grown ups are supporting many of the children with segmenting and writing the sounds that they need, but the children will soon be able to do this all by themselves.

Lots of children want to display the models and crafts that they make on the display table; to do this, they know that they need to make a name label for their model. Some children are even having a go at writing simple sentences for their labels. Making labels and signs is such a great way to encourage children to write- they are all really keen to do this, as their writing has purpose and meaning.

The Year 1s are working extremely hard on their cursive handwriting in class, and we are so pleased with the progress they are making- their writing is looking really beautiful!

We have also had some fantastic ‘Share and Learn’ work from our Year 1s, including this terrific house and some ‘Great Fire of London’ themed biscuits:

Taking photos, cutting and glueing

September 28th, 2017

The children are really enjoying being at school full time and have had a very busy week indeed!

This week we’ve been learning how to take pictures of their friends using the tablet. Here are some of the things they’ve had to remember…

Find something interesting to photograph:

Keep the camera still (or not!):

Always ask to take someone’s picture to make sure that they are happy to be photographed:

We have also been practising our cutting and glueing skills:

Using the glue spreader is very tricky and requires lots of concentration!

Some of us have been working together to build  with the large construction materials:


The Year 1s have also had a very busy week. They’ve been investigating heating materials in the Kestrels’ classroom, and learning about place value in maths:


Finally, as a special treat this morning, we had some very special visitors to our class when Mrs Walton brought her puppies in to see the children. They were very cuddly!

Settling into life in The Eagles…

September 23rd, 2017

It’s been an incredibly busy week in school, and the children are settling well in The Eagles. They’ve had many new experiences this week, and we’ve been so impressed with how well they’ve coped, particularly in joining the older children in the hall for their  lunch.

Many of the children have now taken Tedmund home to meet their families. The day after taking him home, they are encouraged to tell their friends what they’ve been up to. Talking in front of the class can be a very daunting experience, but the children are growing increasingly confident about standing up in front of their friends to talk about Tedmund and to answer their friends’ questions.

Every snacktime, the children have been paying for their fruit using real coins. The Year 1 children have been helping to ‘run the shop’, and the children are getting better and better at counting out the correct money, as well as remembering to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

The children are enjoying exploring their class room environment, and many of them love to play outdoors. They’re enjoying building dens and making ramps for the cars and water;  next week, we’re going to explore some other ways in which we can challenge ourselves in this environment.

The children have also enjoying exploring all of the different applications on our smartboard. This week we’ve been writing our names in rainbow colours on the board:

Our Year 1s have had a very busy week too. We visited Coco’s house to see her fourteen new puppies on Monday. They were really gorgeous! Thank you to Coco’s mummy for inviting us to meet them.

The Year 1s  have also been practising cursive handwriting, which means that we’re now starting our letters with a ‘zoom’. It’s quite tricky, so we’re finding lots of fun ways to practise:

Another busy week of learning in The Eagles; I wonder what we’ll learn next week?


Our vegetable sale

September 14th, 2017

Back in the summer term, the Eagles planted lots of different kinds of vegetables in the school garden. We looked after them throughout the summer, and this week we harvested our vegetables. We had runner beans,  onions, potatoes and carrots, as well as a few sunflowers.

We gave the sunflowers to Mrs Rushton and Mrs Sollis. It really brightened up their day!

We decided to have a vegetable sale after school. We made posters for our sale.

We sold lots and lots of vegetables; tomorrow we are going to count up how much money we made. We are going to buy something lovely for our classroom with the money that we raised.

Visit from a fire engine

September 12th, 2017

The Eagles were so excited to see a fire engine pull up outside school today, but don’t worry, there wasn’t actually a fire at school!

First all of the children climbed on board the engine and tried on the firefighters’ uniforms and helmets.


Next we all had a go at spraying the wall with the hose. It was great fun, and the water made a beautiful rainbow.

Then one of the firefighters tried to squirt us with the hose and we all got extremely excited!

Finally it was time for the firefighters to go back to the station. We really enjoyed their visit and all said thank you as they drove away.

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